Day By Day

Gateway to the work of Shelly Marshall

Addiction Recovery Resources

Shelly hosts several sites for the purposes of reaching the young person in recovery, their parents, and the people who work with them. This is the gateway to Shelly Marshall's work and books.

Pocket Sponsor

This is the book that gives 24/7 on-the-hour support to the newcomer, oldtimer, and in-betweener. 

Day By Day

Day By Day

The recovery classic from Hazelden. Daily meditations from the fellowships for freedom from alcohol and other drugs.

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Young, Sober, & Free

A site with a bit of attitude designed for the young person who wants a little extra support in their recovery.

Sitting in Pictures

Based on the Hopi tradition of 'sitting in pictures' to manifest a new reality, comes a truly unique recovery meditation book for indigenous peoples.

Respect me Rules

Its time women and men in verbally abusive relationships stop trying to fix their partners--stop being a target, and stop abuse in it's tracks. FREE online workshop

Sober Coaching Your Teen               Start a parent's support group

            Workbook                        Run a Group

Just say KNOW. Learn how to sober coach the young person in recovery and never enable again. You can also join or begin a support group with like-minded parents.

Walk Softly and Carry a big Book

A collection of all the recovery sayings and slogans in alphabetical order.  Lots of fun to read.

12 Step Dream Work

Can dreams help you work a better sobriety program? The answer is a resounding YES. This book show you how.

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